Larry Sanders: NHS crisis is example of “corporate destruction” in age of Trump


Glasgow conference organisers call to be “tough on Trump, tough on the causes of Trump”

LARRY SANDERS, the brother of US socialist senator and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, has told a Glasgow audience that the crisis in NHS England is an example of the “corporate destruction” that gives rise to the politics of US President Donald Trump.

Sanders, who is an activist in his own right and the spokesperson for health for the Green Party of England and Wales, warned that “liberal democracy” and “corporatism” were now locked in a struggle to the death, and that attempts to privatise the NHS was one field of struggle.

He said: “The devastation of the NHS is an example of corporate destruction.

“There are people sitting down to work every day to break up and privatise the NHS.

“PFI and foundation hospitals have broken up a seamless and very efficient system.” Larry Sanders

“PFI and foundation hospitals have broken up a seamless and very efficient system.”

The British Red Cross raised the alarm over what it termed a humanitarian crisis in NHS England over the winter months, after at least two died waiting for treatment in over-crowded hospitals.

The English NHS system has been broken-up by the foundation hospital system and some of its services sold-off to the private sector.

Larry Sanders addresses audience at Glasgow ‘Take Back Our World Conference’

Sanders made the comments at a packed Glasgow conference today (28 January), titled ‘Take Back Our World’ and co-organised by Global Justice Now Scotland (GJN) and the Radical Independence Campaign (RIC).

Sanders echoed conference organisers in his comments. Nick Dearden, GJN director, told the capacity audience of almost 300 in Glasgow Universities Charles Wilson building that social movements had to be “tough on Trump, tough on the causes of Trump”. The background to the rise of the new global right, symbolised by Trump, was preceded by the erosion of social and democratic values by corporate power, inequality and “rampant individualism”.

Commenting on UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s visit to meet with Trump, Myshele Haywood, anf RIC organiser from Aberdeen said: “There is a fascist in the Whitehouse and Theresa May is kissing his tiny hand.”

However, speakers also noted that there was hope in resistance against Trump.

Philippa Whitford MP warns of Scottish repercussions for NHS England crisis

Social Movement activist from the Phillipines Dorothy Guerrero told the audience: “Socialism is back on the agenda. When you have a Trump and a Sanders in the most powerful country in the world, possibilities are enormous.”

Sanders said: “There is something happening in American that is not just about #Trump, it’s about hope.”

“We all want people to have access to a decent health service, we all want everyone to pay their taxes, to have a home – these are most people’s values.”

“We can see how fragile democracy is, but it’s all we have. People working together for the common good.”

The comments come after warning by the SNP’s Westminster health spokesperson. Philippa Whitford, that the crisis in NHS England could be used to cut funding to the Scottish health system.

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