‘Lasst Schottland bleiben!’: 17,000 sign German petition to support indy Scotland in Europe 


German public call on EU negotiators to support Scotland’s vote to remain in the EU 

A PETITION TO LET SCOTLAND STAY (‘Lasst Schottland bleiben’) has received the backing of over 17,000 people as support grows across the European Union to welcome Scotland as a new and full member. 

The German message for European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has grown ahead of the formal triggering of Article 50 by the Tory Government on the formal exit from the EU next week. 

Messages of support have been heard from across the political spectrum in the European Parliament, with senior figures in EU state governments also extending a warm hand of friendship towards Scottish ambitions to maintain a close relationship with Europe. 

Public support for Scotland in Germany – which YouGov polling put at 71 per cent – was highest of all the countries polled, and German leaders from across the political spectrum have spoken out in support of Scotland’s democratic claim. 

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The petition, translated, reads: “Scotland has been a part of the European Union for over 40 years, and if the Scottish people decide to become an independent country in a new referendum, they should be able to remain in the EU! We’re demanding that you commit to changing the rules to make it easy for Scotland to keep its place in the Union. Let Scotland stay!”

Nicola Sturgeon met President Juncker in Brussels following the referendum results in Scotland and the rest of the UK last June. He said that Scotland had “earned the right to be heard and listened to” following the vote to remain in the European Union. 

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Earlier this month Elmar Brok MEP, a key figure in European constitutional affairs circles, said Scotland joining the EU will be “easy” with “not much to negotiate”. Former Belgium Prime Minister and now lead EU Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt went further and said an independent Scotland would be welcome within the EU without having to reapply to the organisation. Head of the European Commission to the UK, Jacqueline Minor, has also confirmed that Scotland would be able to “move faster” than other membership processes due to “the fact that all your legislation has to be in alignment with existing European rules”.

Picture courtesy of Lasst Schottland bleiben

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