Leaders turn on Tories as Ruth Davidson defends ‘difficult but necessary migrant debates’


Every major party in Scotland attacks Tory xenophobia 

RUTH DAVIDSON has denied complicity in Tory attacks on international doctors, workers, and students residing in the United Kingdom.

Davidson, leader of the Tories in Scotland, tried to shrug off attacks from the prime minister and Tory cabinet colleagues on people who have moved to the UK by defending those who ‘contribute’ to the economy and society.

Refusing to confront the surge of anti-foreigner sentiment at the Tory conference, Davidson described attacks on immigration as “difficult but necessary debates” in her Birmingham conference speech. 

When pressured by BBC present Andrew Neil, Davidson side stepped calls by Tory Home Secretary Amber Rudd to start listing international workers in UK businesses – a move condemned across the political spectrum for opening up UK politics to extremist xenophobia and racism. 

Tory ministers lined up to attack migrant rights at the conference, with trade minister Liam Fox stating that migrants who “consume the wealth of the country” aren’t welcome. 

Divisive nationalists: Outcry at Tory cabinet attacks on foreigners in UK

Davidson is expected to come under further pressure today [Thursday 6 October] in the Scottish Parliament to distance herself from her party’s xenophobia. 

Condemning the attacks, Angus Robertson MP, SNP Westminster leader, said: “Theresa May claims she wants to create a country that works for everyone, bringing the Tories on to the centre ground – yet in reality we have seen an increasingly right-wing Tory government and in recent weeks they have been at their most toxic.
“Theresa May’s plans to target foreign workers are regressive and deeply worrying. Far from seeking to unite the country this conference has seen the Tories dividing community against community with poisonous rhetoric and xenophobic policies that should have no place in our society and that decent politicians of all parties will stand against.”

The SNP, Plaid Cymru and Scottish Greens condemned “the most toxic rhetoric on immigration seen from any government in living memory”

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon joined with the Scottish Green, Welsh party Plaid Cymru, and the English, Welsh and Northern Irish Green parties to condemn the comments.

The Scottish Greens highlighted that the statement condemned the Tories for “the most toxic rhetoric on immigration seen from any government in living memory.”

The joint statement adds: “This is not a time for parties to play games, or meekly respect the tired convention whereby they do not break cover during each other's conferences. It is an occasion for us to restate the importance of working together to resist the Tories' toxic politics, and make the case for a better future for our people and communities.”

Ukip boast of taking control of UK Government after attacks on migrants

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale also came out fighting against the Tory’s lurch towards right-wing British nationalism.

“This week’s Tory conference will go down as one of the most disgusting spectacles in recent political history,” Dugdale said.

“Just because Ukip has created a leadership vacancy, it does not mean that Theresa May should try to fill it. The Tories appear to be morphing into Ukip. The chilling suggestion that firms should be forced to reveal how many migrant workers they employ shows just how xenophobic and vindictive the modern Tory Party has become.”

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP added: “Ruth Davidson should not be proud of the Conservatives, she should be ashamed of the damage she and her party are doing to our country.  With the Brexit gamble, anti foreigner policies, English nationalist rhetoric and right wing agenda the Conservatives are taking our country in a narrow, closed minded and mean spirited direction.”

Hate crimes have surged since the vote to leave the EU, where anti-immigration rhetoric was prominent. 

Senior Ukip figures have boasted of taking control of the UK Government’s policy agenda.

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