Lesley Riddoch: Buzz, biffing and boozing


Journalist Lesley Riddoch’s take on the week

THIS week’s podcast covers why there is no buzz in the General Election campaign so far. Is it the lack of imagination or just a predictable response to last year’s excitement? How will we get the magic back?

We also consider the various tactics people are considering about how to biff the established order and generate the buzz. Naturally enough in this section, we talk about an update on the ‘community bank’ …and a Festival of Politics in Portobello.

Booze and the latest welcome statistics on the increase of ‘tee total’ young people prompt a limp down memory lane and where you could find coffee at 11pm. And an offer to dance comes in.

Following positive and constructive feedback from listeners, this podcast is slightly longer than usual for reasons we share. This podcast may also contain ‘out takes’ – so caution is urged.

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Picture courtesy of Strolic Furlan