Listen: Activists call for human approach to Scottish social security 


Scottish Campaign for Welfare Reform meet in Scottish Parliament 

OVER the next five years the Scottish Parliament will gain greater control over changing the social security system. 

The UK Government, which will still control most of the system, has been criticised for cutting social security, and for its treatment of vulnerable and disabled people. 

Campaigners in Scotland are hopeful that some progress can be made in Scotland through improving the culture of social security support. 

CommonSpace spoke to Kerrie Friel, a single mum and carer, and Rebecca Bowie, a teen mum, on their hopes for a change in how society tackles social support and inequalities.

Kerri and Rebecca are both volunteers with Fife Gingerbread, which exits to “support and empower lone parents, vulnerable and disadvantaged families”.

Susan Archibald, a disability rights campaigner, also spoke to CommonSpace about what she sees as the timid approach of the third sector to challenging the government and entrenched inequalities. 

Picture courtesy of Scottish Campaign for Welfare Reform

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