LIVE 7PM: Currency Options for an Indpendent Scotland

Independence Live

Currency Options for an Indpendent Scotland chaired by Angela Haggerty.


Brought to you by Yes Rutherglen. Join us for an evening of discussion with presentations and a guest panel of specialists.

Brief Resume of Panel Members  
Andy Anderson:
Runs publishing firm “Anderson Publications Ltd”; founder member of Democratic Socialist Federation; worked for NUPE as senior Trade-Union Official; author of “Currency in an Independent Scotland”; co-author of “Moving ON” with Ronnie Morrison.

Bob Ingram:
Chartered Engineer, Chairman of Centre for Scottish Constitutional Studies; editor of Draft Constitution for Scotland; Kemnay Cell Leader during Yes campaign.

Ronnie Morrison:
Director & Accountant (retired) construction & manufacturing industries. Co-author of “Moving ON” – an independent currency for an independent Scotland.

Mike Fenwick:
Social entrepreneur, with 50 years experience in financial services, financial regulation and competition law.