Meet ‘Workie’, the DWP’s fluffy, multicoloured pension cartoon


The DWP have released a cartoon as part of a pension campaign

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) have released their latest scheme to encourage working pension schemes in the form of a child-like cartoon called ‘Workie’.

‘Workie’, the multi-coloured, fluffy cartoon is part of the UK Government’s multi-million pound campaign, which aims to “change the country’s perception of pensions in the workplace”.

The striking cartoon is described as “a striking physical embodiment of the workplace pension”. ‘

Workie’ will hit our screens from today onwards.

It is thought that the child-like cartoon will provoke accusations that the UK Government is patronising the people of Britain. The cartoon has also drawn criticism for its PS8.5m expense at a time when the Home Office is undertaking of harsh cuts to welfare.

Find out more about Workie here .

Picture courtesy of UK in Spain