Michael Greenwell: The Scottish Independence Podcast 103 – Michael Gray


By Michael Greenwell, who this week interviews CommonSpace reporter Michael Gray

FOR THE 103rd episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast I spoke with Michael Gray who before and after the referendum has been involved in a number of projects that I am sure you are familiar with. These include National Collective, Business For Scotland, The National and The Common Weal. He is now working full-time with the CommonSpace.

We talked about why the CommonSpace project was set up and where it intends to go.

We also got onto some of the other projects he has been involved in and where they are going.

And amongst other things, as a couple of Glaswegians, we had a word about how we felt about Glasgow City Council deciding to do what many people hope can be overturned with the steps in Buchanan Street, is it conspiracy or stupidity? You decide!

Hope you enjoy…

Click here to visit Michael Greenwell’s website and listen to the podcast.