Michelle Mone stokes controversy with launch of national tour in search of business talent


Tories select controversial business figure to investigate entrepreneurship

UK GOVERNMENT minister Iain Duncan Smith has selected Scottish business woman Michelle Mone to lead a review of business start-up opportunities.

Mone, who has also been subject to speculation that she will receive a peerage, rose to prominence due to her bra company Ultimo. Now she has promised to travel the country to investigate the barriers to business success.

In a statement, Mone said: “I’ll be travelling across the UK from John O’Groats to Land’s End to talk to and listen to people and groups from all backgrounds.

“I want to learn about the barriers they are facing and what changes are needed.”

However, Mone has been at the centre of numerous political and business controversies.

She recently left Scotland, less than a year after the Scottish independence referendum, despite previously threatening to leave if the country voted for independence.

Her business hit the rocks in 2013, recording substantial loses and leading Mone to sell her majority stake to a firm overseas.

In February a former director of Mone’s firm won a case for unfair dismissal , after discovering his office had been bugged with a listening device.

Picture courtesy of Graeme Bird