Minister David Mundell admits he represents the Tories not Scotland 


Dumfriesshire’s Tory Minister rejects call to support Scotland’s referendum result 

THE ONLY TORY MP IN SCOTLAND and member of the Westminster cabinet David Mundell has admitted that his role is not to represent his home country in government discussions. 

Speaking on Good Morning Scotland today [Wednesday 18 January], Mundell rejected calls “to defend the interests of the Scottish people in cabinet” through his role as Tory Scottish Secretary. 

Instead Mundell reiterated the Westminster Tory position of supporting an EU exit – despite the 62 per cent vote in Scotland to remain. 

“No,” Mundell replied to whether his cabinet role was to represent Scotland.

“People who voted for Remain have to accept the result and then work to get the best possible outcome”, he said.

The Scottish Parliament voted by 93 votes to 0 in favour of recognising Scotland vote to remain in the European Union last June.

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Remaining within the EU was also a key pledge of the campaign against independence in 2014, when the Scottish electorate was promised it was part of an “equal partnership” within the UK. 

Mundell has also failed to support the Scottish Government compromise position, which won cross-party support in Holyrood. 

“I have not seen evidence which would persuade me that there is a need for a Scotland specific solution either in relation to market access or in relation to issues around migration,” he said. 

Mundell, alongside senior Scottish Tories, backed single market membership in 2016 – but has since backtracked now that the Westminster leadership confirmed a move towards a Hard Brexit. 

SNP MP and Scotland Office spokesperson, Margaret Ferrier, commented: “David Mundell’s behaviour has been astonishing. He has backtracked on his commitment to keeping Scotland in the single market and just this morning he admitted he does not defend the interests of the Scottish people in the cabinet.
“Clearly he has thrown in the towel on getting the best deal for Scotland, and now he and his UK government colleagues are going full steam ahead with their ‘Hard Brexit’.”

UK Prime Minister Theresa May promised that the “right powers” would be devolved to Scotland during the Brexit process. 

Picture courtesy of Number 10

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