#MoodieVision: Brave Blue World


Warning: may cause nightmares

IN this week’s MoodieVision, leader of the Scottish Conservatives Ruth Davidson is celebrating her forthcoming triumph in the Holyrood election when sole Scottish Tory MP David Mundell points out that it may be premature.

He also explains that given the vintage of their core voterbase, they may have to take drastic action to attract the youth vote. Cue the research of his dubious great uncle Hubert…

This week’s MoodieVision is the penultimate episode of series three – make sure you tune in next week at 1pm for the finale.

MoodieVision is written and produced by Greg Moodie and Rose Garnett. Tune in next Wednesday at 1pm for the final instalment of the series, or click here to watch other episodes .

Picture courtesy of Greg Moodie