‘Named and shamed’: The 10 Scottish companies who paid below minimum wage


UK Government releases list of 92 UK companies that broke the law by paying workers bellow the minimum wage

A UK GOVERNMENT department has named and shamed ten Scottish companies who broke the law by paying their workers below the minimum wage.

In total the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) released the names of 92 UK companies who together amassed PS1.8m in funds owed to their workers.

Quoted in the BBC a (BIS) spokesperson said: “Our policy of naming and shaming employers who ignore the law means there are consequences for their reputation as well as their wallets.”

The minimum wage is currently just PS6.70 per hour. In October 2015, the High Pay Center think tank found that Scotlands highest earners pocketed 77 times more than minimum wage workers .

The list of 10 Scottish companies, mostly service sector employers, is as follows:

– Pizza Hut, Edinburgh

– Charlie Miller Hairdressing, Edinburgh

– Khushi’s, Edinburgh

– Fresh Food Company, Glasgow

– New Homeworld, Glasgow

– Hair Heroes, Inverness

– Zucca Bistro, East Kilbride

– Linell Precision Engineering, Johnstone

– Elizabeth House, Kirkcaldy

– Broch Tandoori, Fraserburgh

Campaign group Better than Zero argue that low pay and abuses of workers rights are endemic in the service sector, especially in hospitality, where many young workers are employed on low pay.

The campaign has pledged to continue its campaign of high profile stunts to target low paying employers in 2016.

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Picture courtesy of Alexander Ridler