New poll shows that a majority of people in Scotland now support independence


Poll also finds that the SNP is set to win all but six seats at May’s General Election

A MAJORITY of Scots now want to live in an independent country, a new poll has found.

A Daily Record/Survation poll has shown that a repeat of last September’s vote would now see a slender majority vote for Yes, suggesting that the constitutional question remains far from settled.

The poll of more than 1,000 Scots found that 51 per cent would back independence compared to 49 per cent who would choose to say in the Union.

The same survey also showed that the SNP’s lead over Labour for May’s Westminster election is still growing as it is set to win 53 of the 59 seats available.

Last September 55 per cent of Scots voted No in the referendum and Prime Minister David Cameron announced that the issue was “settled”.

But since then, SNP membership has rocketed and there has been dispute over whether ‘the vow’ made by unionist leaders before the election has been delivered.

The poll is bad news for unionists in Scotland who are set to suffer a blow in general election of 7 May.

It suggests that 47 per cent of Scots are set to vote SNP in May, which is up two points from a similiar poll in February.

Support for Labour fell two points to 26 per cent, while support for the Tories rose one point to 16 per cent and the Lib Dems dropped down to a mere four per cent.

SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson said: “This is another welcome poll – it shows that support to give Scotland a strong voice at Westminster by returning a team of SNP MPs to stand up for Scottish interests remains very high.

“By contrast, Labour continue to pay the price for being on the same side of so many arguments as the Tories, including their joint commitment to imposing even more spending cuts.

“We take nothing for granted, and will work extremely hard to win people’s trust on 7 May so that we can deliver jobs and growth in place of Westminster cuts, power for Scotland, and the non-renewal of useless and expensive Trident nuclear weapons.”

In addition the poll also looked at the 2016 Holyrood elections. It put the SNP on 50 per cent support for the constituency vote compared with Labour’s 26 per cent while on the regional list vote the SNP are on 39 per cent compared with Labour’s 23 per cent.