News in 5 Minutes: A ‘humanitarian window’ in Aleppo, Scottish independence bill, and the nasty women and bad hombres


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TODAY’S INSTALMENT (20 October) of the CommonSpace daily news roundup includes a ‘humanitarian window’ in Aleppo, the publishing of a new Scottish Independence draft bill, and the Nasty Women and the Bad Hombres.

News: ‘Humanitarian window’ in Aleppo

Temporary end to Russian bombing as battle for Mosul draws closer

Russia ceased bombing today, it says to give civilians an opportunity to flee the besieged battlefield. The announcement of the unilateral ceasefire came as Iraqi forces pushed closer to the outskirts of Mosul, the second Iraqi city, which is controlled by Daesh (so called Islamic State). The Syrian Government is thought to be worried that pushing Daesh out of Iraq will bolster its forces in Syria. The government and its Russian backers may push to settle the battle for Aleppo before that eventuality.

Politics: Scottish Government launches draft independence referendum bill

Draft legislation includes same Yes/No question and answers from 2014

The Scottish Government has published its draft Scottish independence referendum bill. The draft bill reasserts Scotland’s right to hold a referendum following the vote for Brexit, calls on the UK Government to grant a referendum at a time of Scotland’s choosing and carries the same Yes/No question and answer as the 2014 referendum.

MPs vote to strip Sir Philip Green of knighthood

Tax dodger Sir Philip Green faces a humiliating ordeal after MPs vote to strip him of his knighthood. The motion to parliament comes after the collapse of BHS with the loss of 11,000 jobs and with a £571m pensions deficit, months after being sold by Green.

Sport: Anti-doping agency may add five further nations to non-compliance list

Brazil, Greece, Indonesia, Azerbaijan and Guatemala could face sanctions

The world anti-doping agency (Wada) is considering placing five further countries – Brazil, Greece, Indonesia, Azerbaijan and Guatemala – on its list of non-compliant countries. The move could mean sanctions for the countries. 2016 has seen unprecedented action against doping, with Wada recommending a blanket ban against Russian athletes performing in the Rio Olympics.  

Culture: Adam Curtis is a genius again apparently

But that is just an illusion

But if you really must watch another 116 mins of archive footage and psychobabble – you can watch it on bbc iplayer here.

Weather: Dry, fairly sunny and cool

Chilly weather keeps up

The weather will remain cool and cloudy with spots of sunshine across Scotland until Saturday, when heavy rains are expected.

And another thing: Nasty women and Bad Hombres





What is a ‘Bad Hombre’?

I’m pretty sure I know what a nasty woman is, though the usefulness of that phrase, against Hillary Clinton for Donald Trump in last nights third presidential debate, is questionable given the great orange one’s haemorrhage of women’s vote. But what the hell is a ‘Bad Hombre’? Is that the people the wall is going to keep out?

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