News in 5 Minutes: Apple chief upset by taxes, the return of Donald Trump’s wall, and #LabourPurge2


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TODAY’S (1 September) INSTALMENT of the the CommonSpace daily news roundup includes Apple’s upset over having to pay back-taxes, the return of Donald Trump’s Mexico border wall, and the responses of purged Labour members.

News: Apple chief complains about tax ruling

One of world’s largest corporations doesn’t want to pay tax

The chief executive of Apple, one of the world’s largest and most successful tech firms, has complained about being ordered to pay billions of pounds in back taxes after the European Commission judged that the Irish Government had granted £13bn in tax benefits to the US firm. He said the commission’s judgement was “maddening”. But then, who likes to pay tax?

Politics: Donald Trump’s Mexico Wall is still on

Trump maintains hardline after trip to Mexico

Presidential hopeful and eccentric billionaire Donald Trump has again promised to build a “beautiful” wall at the US’s vast border with Mexico in order to stop migrants from entering the country. Trump made the comments in a speech shortly after visiting Mexico.

Kezia Dugdale to launch plan for alternative Scottish government

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale is set to unveil her alternative legislative plan for the Scottish Parliament today (1 September) ahead of the opening of the Scottish Parliament on5 September. She is expected to focus on education and call for a ban on fracking.

Brazilian leader impeached in alleged “coup”

Brazil’s leader Dilma Rousseff has been impeached by the country’s senate for manipulating the government’s budget. Rousseff has described the effort to remove her and the Brazilian Worker’s party, which has been in office for 13 years, as a “parliamentary coup” and vowed to return.

Sport: Andy Murray through to US open round two

Murray is hoping to claim another US Open title

Andy Murray has made himself the fifth Briton to break through to round two of the US Open tennis tournament, by beating Czech Lukas Rosol.

Culture: New allotments open in Edinburgh

Good news for those with green fingers in Leith!

A batch of new £50,000 allotments has opened in the Leith area of Edinburgh on the site of a former bowling green.

Weather: Why does it always rain on me?

CommonSpace has exhausted its library of aesthetic pictures of rain on windowpanes

It was such lovely morning as well, but this is your lot for the rest of the day.

And another thing: #LabourPurge2 letters spark Twitter furore for Labour

Social media responds to rejected applications with #LabourPurgeSongs

CommonSpace has collated together the variously tragic and hilarious responses to the removal of Labour members ahead of the Labour leadership vote in September.

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