News in 5 Minutes: Battle rages on in Syria, Scottish Brexit minister warns of growing “frustration” in UK’s devolved assemblies and get your shades on for Trump’s inauguration


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TODAY’S INSTALMENT (19 January) of the CommonSpace daily news roundup includes: Battle rages on in Syria, Scottish Brexit minister warns of growing “frustration” in UK’s devolved assemblies, and get your shades on for Trump’s inauguration.

News: Palmyra remains a battle ground in ongoing Syrian conflict

Russia and Turkey now engaged in joint bombing campaigns

Daesh (so called Islamic State) fighters have killed 12 in the Syrian city of Palmyra, as a bloody struggle continues over the remaining territory outside of the hands of the Syrian Government. Turkey and Russia are now engaged in joined bombing campaigns in the country. Palmyra is a key strategic city in the fight against Daesh, and has changed hands several times in recent years.

Politics: Scottish Brexit minister warns of EU “frustration” of devolved assemblies

Sturgeon warns indyref is closer after hard Brexit speech

Scottish Government Brexit minister Mike Russell has warned of growing frustration among the UK’s devolved assemblies over the condition of UK Brexit negotiations. The warning comes after First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said that a second referendum is even more likely following a speech by Prime Minister Theresa May, wherein she outlined her 12 point programme for Brexit.

Sport: Novak Djokovic defeated in Australian Open leaving way for Murray

Djokovic defeated by world number 117

Australian Open defending champion Novak Djokovic has been forced out of the competition in the second round by previously unknown 117 seed Denis Istomin, leaving the way open in the competition for Andy Murray.

Culture: Paul McCartney attempts to sue Sony for Beatles tracks

Band’s 267 classic tracks in the balance in legal clash

Former Beatles frontman Paul McCartney is suing Sony for the bands back catalogue.

Weather: Mild and cloudy

Sunshine over Dundee

It will remain cloudy and mild but dry across most of Scotland for the rest of the day. Dundee will see the best of the day’s sunshine.

And another thing: Sunshades for Trump’s inauguration speech



I don’t bet, so I’m not sure how seriously to take this

This is petty, you may say. This is trivial. There are real issues at stake. But what did you think this section was for? Trump season is the next for years, and the orange messiah will be making repeated appearances.

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