News in 5 Minutes: Bitter China-Japan sea dispute, Dugdale pledges tax rise campaign, and giant rubber duck on the loose


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TODAY’S INSTALMENT (26 September) of the CommonSpace daily news roundup includes the growing tensions between China and Japan in the South China Sea, Kezia Dugdale’s pledges to continue with tax raising plans and the giant rubber duck terrorising Scotland.

News: China and Japan clash over Chinese air operations

Tensions raised over control of South China Sea

China claims it has flown 40 aircraft between two small Japanese Islands, as tensions rise over control of the strategically important South China Sea. Japan reacted by scrambling its own jets as China carried out what it described as a routine training operation.

Politics: Kezia Dugdale to reaffirm tax raising plans

Scottish Labour leader exposed by Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale has reaffirmed her commitment to campaigning for a 50p rate of tax for earnings over £150,000, and raising income tax by 1p. The Scottish party leader is under pressure following the re-election of leftist UK party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Dugdale supported challenger Owen Smith, and claimed that Labour couldn’t win a general election under Corbyn.

John McDonnell pledges radical economic reforms

Shadow Chancellor pledges post Brexit intervention to protect industries and communities

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has said that he will campaign for an interventionist economic policy in the wake of Brexit. Speaking ahead of his Labour conference speech, McDonnell said he will lay out plans to raise tax yields through government stimulus, and said that the era of unfettered globalisation was over.

Sport: Dundee Stars score late victory over Fife Flyers

Ice hockey team triumphs over Scottish rival in after string of victories

The Dundee Stars ice hockey team have defeated the Fife Flyers 2-0 after a string of victories, including a 4-3 victory over Belfast, one of the UK’s larger teams.

Culture: Selfie art classes to be held at National Gallery

Workshops being held in October to encourage artistic interest in photography

Young people between the ages of 14-18 will be able to take part in a series of experimental workshops on the art of the selfie between 8-9 October at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. The workshops will allow young people to develop an artistic approach to selfie photographs.

Weather: Cool and dry today with rain to come

First chills of Autumn as temperatures hover around 11 degrees

It will be cool and mainly dry across Scotland today, as the country gets its first hint of Autumnal chill. Heavier rain can be expected tomorrow.

And another thing: Giant Duck assault’s Braehead shopping centre

Yellow avenger still at large

A giant yellow duck has launched a vicious assault on the Braehead shopping centre. The motivation for the assault is unknown. The duck is still on the loose, and was last spotted on the outskirts of Aberdeen.

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