News in 5 Minutes: Eight billionaires worth more than half of humanity, Northern Ireland braces for new elections, and pup vs dino


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TODAY’S INSTALMENT (17 January) of the CommonSpace daily news roundup includes: Eight billionaires worth more than half of humanity, Northern Ireland braces for new elections, and pup vs dino.

News: 8 billionaires worth more than half the human population

Oxfam report exposes yawning global wealth chasm

The extent of the runaway growth in global inequality has been exposed in a new Oxfam report finding that eight corporate billionaires hold more wealth than the poorer half of humanity. The worlds top earners, including the heads of Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon are worth £352bn. One in 10 of the world’s population live on less than $2 a day.

Alarm by from European leaders over Trump Nato remarks

European leaders have reacted with alarm to statements by US President Elect Donald Trump that the Nato military alliance binding the US with European allies may be “obsolete”. The alliance is currently amassing military forces in Eastern Europe.

Politics: NI returns to the polls as devolution settlement collapses

Theresa May and Enda Kenny urge “respect” during campaign

Northern Ireland will hold an election within weeks, with the campaign already underway following the final collapse of power sharing at the devolved Stormont assembly. UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny have called for a campaign characterised by respect. The election further complicates the chaotic UK political scene in the aftermath of Brexit.

Sport: Murray reflects on support he gets from fans and family

Andy Murray talks about pre-match nerves and appreciation of fans

The world’s number one Tennis player, Scot Andy Murray, has written about pre-match nerves and the support he gets from fans and family in a column about his progress at the Australian open.

Culture: Agent Cooper to return in new Twin Peaks

Another mysterious teaser trailer appears

Special agent Dale Cooper will return in the new incarnation of Twin Peaks. Or at least that’s how it appears from David Lynch’s latest mysterious teaser trailer.

Weather:A cloudy but mild day

Temperatures in double figures across the country

It will be a cloudy but mild day across Scotland today, with temperatures in the double figures across the country. Inverness will see highs of 13 degrees and more sunshine than the rest of the country.

And another thing: Pup vs Dino



The cute animal binge continues

Look, we are going to have to revisit Donald Trump in this part of the News in 5 when he is inaugurated as US President at the end of the week. So just enjoy this wee guy while you can.

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