News in 5 Minutes: Greek riots during Obama visit, Labour refuses oppose Article 50 at Westminster, and cutesy strike promotion


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TODAY’S INSTALMENT (7 September) of the the CommonSpace daily news roundup includes the Greek riots during Obama’s visit, Labour’s refusal to oppose Article 50 at Westminster, and cutesy strike promotion.

News: Riots in Athens as Obama denounces nationalism

Obama uses one of his last foreign visits to warn against the rise of nationalism

Riot police deployed CS gas and stun grenades to break up protests in Athens last night, as Barack Obama visited the beleaguered state to warn against the rise of “nationalism”. The comments may have referred both to the victory of Donald Trump in the US elections, as well as moves to break up the EU including Brexit. Greece has substantially lost autonomy to EU authorities which are enforcing extreme austerity measures of the country.

EHRC staff go on strike

Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) staff are on strike in Scotland and across the UK today. Pickets have taken to EHRC headquarters in Glasgow city centre as well as London, Birmingham and Manchester to demand end to job cuts which threaten to make redundant some of the agencies lowest paid staff before Christmas.

Politics: UK Labour says it will not block Article 50

Shadow chancellor warns of Trump style politics if parliament block brexit

Labour shadow chancellor John McDonnell has said that the UK Labour party will not block the triggering of Article 50, the mechanism by which EU members can leave the 28 member block. McDonnell said the stance was to avoid parliament obstructing the popular vote, something he said could produce “Trump style” politics. But opposition parliamentarians criticised the move, which they said would leave progressives without leverage over the form that Brexit takes.

Sport: Andy Murray aims for ATP finals

Scottish Tennis star has not reached the finals of the tournament in four years

Scottish tennis star and world number one Andy Murray will take on Kei Nishikori today in a bid to reach the ATP finals for the first time in 4 years. Murray has won his last 20 matches.

Culture: Edinburgh tattoo to star international clan members

New theme intended to increase interests in tartans

The Edinburgh tattoo will this year feature members of the Scottish diaspora representing different historic Scottish clans. The event at Edinburgh castle is intended to increase interest in Scottish tartan.

Weather: Back down to earth with a thump

Cold and rain

Well it is Scotland after all. The highs of 14 and 15 degrees in recent days have given way to a 6 degree average today, with plenty of showers and clouds.

And another thing: Adorable



EHRC bosses are cutting jobs, but isn’t this just adorable?

EHRC workers are on strike today across the UK to stop job cuts before Christmas. This is both some way for their PCS union to promote the cause, and in danger of creating sympathy for EHRC bosses. Wait, is the cat the boss or the workers? Any way…Awwwww!

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