News in 5 Minutes: Hinkley Point Nuclear plant gets go-ahead, EU commission president condemns, post Brexit violence, and UFOs in the skies of Scotland


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TODAY’S INSTALMENT (8 September) of the the CommonSpace daily news roundup includes the UK Government’s approval of Hinkley Point plans, the EU commission president’s comments on post-Brexit violence, and the UFOs over rural Perthshire.

News: Hinkley Point nuclear plant gets go-ahead

Think tank criticises plant as less economical than renewables

The massive £18bn nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point in England has gained the approval of the UK Government, despite widespread fears it is economically unsustainable and potentially dangerous. The news comes as the New Economics Foundation releases research that the indicates the project is less economically efficient than similar investment in renewables.

Elderly facing “rationed” healthcare in England

A joint report by the King's Fund and Nuffield Trust has found that elderly people in England are facing increasing hardship under and over-burdened NHS and “rationed” health care.

Politics: EU commission president criticises treatment of migrants in UK

EU Commission President uses state of the union speech to raise concerns over safety of Polish migrants

Jean Claude Junker has addressed the issue of attacks on migrants in the wake of the UK’s vote for Brexit in June. Speaking during his state of the union address he said: “We Europeans can never accept Polish workers being beaten up, harassed or even murdered in the streets of Essex.” The comments follow a wave attacks on migrants, particularly Poles, during which one Polish man has been killed.

Hillary Clinton deemed “healthy and fit” by doctor

Hillary Clinton has been declared “healthy and fit” by a doctor. The comments follow images showing the presidential candidate fainting after a public event on 11 September, and rumours promoted by high profile Trump supporters that she was unfit for office and perhaps even mortally ill.

Sport: Team GB surpasses London 2012 Paralympics gold tally

Team takes multiple golds across disciplines

A string of victories took the UK to 43 gold medals in the Rio Paralympics yesterday (15 September), more than the 34 Great Britian took at home in the 2012 London Paralympics.

Culture: Is craft beer under threat?


Industry currently based on small microbreweries

The Campaign for Real Ale (Camra) has warned that global beverage giants are already muscling in on the growing craft ale sector, which has been based in the Uk on the growth of start-up micro-breweries.

Weather: Sun for now but rain to come

Rain to sweep Scotland over night

If it’s sunny and pleasant where you are now then enjoy it, because heavy rain is set to hit the west coast before 6 pm.

And another thing: UFOs over Scotland?

Intelligent life visits rural Perthshire

The truth is out there, but is it in the skies over Perthshire? According to local John Macdonald, it definitely is. Get Mulder and Skully on the line.

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