News in 5 minutes: Indian military plane missing, North Korea on nukes and Ineos declares war

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TODAY’s INSTALMENT (22 July) of the CommonSpace daily news roundup includes: Indian military plane goes missing, North Korea denies its nuclear weapons pose a threat to UK and energy giant Ineos declares war on the green lobby.

News: Indian military aircraft reportedly missing

Indian military plane goes missing with more than 20 people onboard

The BBC reports that an Indian military plane with more than 20 people onboard has reportedly gone missing over Bay of Bengal. The military plane departed from Chennai (Madras) in the South of India at 8.30am and was expected to land at 11.30am. A search operation has been launched and surveillance planes and ships are looking for the missing plane.

North Korea denies its nuclear weapons pose threat to UK

The Telegraph reports that North Korea has responded to Theresa May’s comments regarding the renewal of Trident, denying that its nuclear weapons are a threat to the UK. A spokesman for the North Korean foreign ministry told Korean Central News Agency: "It is illogical that the DPRK's nuclear weapons pose a threat to the UK. It is a pity that the UK makes an excuse for the building of [nuclear submarines] by finding fault with the DPRK, thousands [of] kilometres away from it."

French President Hollande urges UK to start Brexit talks as soon as possible

French president Francois Hollande has urged the UK to commence Brexit talks as soon as possible. The BBC reports that at a meeting with Prime Minister Theresa May in Paris, President Hollande said he understood that the UK needed time to prepare for Brexit, but “the sooner the better”. Hollande insisted the UK must decide whether to stay in the single market and accept freedom of movement or to "have another status". Theresa May responded saying she would deliver on demands for "controls" on movement.

The Herald reports on CommonSpace’s opinion piece on Ineos fracking breach

The Herald has picked up an article written on CommonSpace by Ineos CEO Gary Haywood in response to comments made by campaign group Friends of the Earth Scotland in a separate article. The Herald article titled ‘Ineos declares war on "scaremongering" green lobby over fracking claims’, says: “Insiders confirmed that a move to publish an article on the news website, CommonSpace, in which Mr Haywood claimed critics had been ‘blinded’ by an anti-fossel fuel agenda, signalled a significant change of agenda for Ineos.”

Politics: Foster and McGuinnes set for post-Brexit British-Irish Council meeting

Nicola Sturgeon attends British-Irish Council (BIC) meeting

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is set to attend a meeting of the British-Irish Council (BIC) today to discuss the implications of Brexit. Representatives from the UK, the Republic of Ireland and the devolved regions have not held a meeting since last month’s referendum. Today’s meeting, which will be held in Cardiff, will focus on the effects of Brexit on trade and the economy. It will also look at how the devolved regions can help each other. The meeting will be hosted by Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones.

SNP Government analysis behind 50p tax policy was produced in less than a week

The Herald reports that the research behind the SNP government’s planned policy of freezing the top rate of income tax has been discovered to have been undertaken in less than a week. It was also found to have been based on old research. Emails held by The Herald, reveal one of the studies that the policy document relied on was a document written by a former adviser to US President George Bush’s administration.

Sport: Russia fails to overturn athlete ban for next month’s Olympic Games

Russian track and field athletes will remain banned from next month’s Olympics following allegations that the country ran a state-sponsored doping programme

Russian athletes will remain banned from the Olympic Games in Rio next month due to claims that the country ran a doping programme, sponsored by the Russian government. The BBC reports that the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), along with 68 Russian athletes, unsuccessfully tried to appeal the suspension, which was implemented by the body that governs world athletics.

Weather: Cloudy, chance of heavy rain

A cloudy start, with sunny spells expected for the afternoon

Today will be off to a cloudy start, with some occasionally heavy showers. Brighter, sunny spells are expected by late afternoon.

And another thing: Nick Clegg once made a Carly Rae Jespen music video but no one is allowed to see it

Nick Clegg teamed up with Carly Rae Jespen in a bid to go viral

Times newspaper has reported that Nick Clegg’s team spent nearly £8,000 making a spoof music video of Carly Rae Jespen’s ‘I really like you’, featuring the former deputy prime minister himself. The project was kept secret until today when the Times acquired footage that showed the film being made. The project was created just before the 2015 General Election in an effort to break the internet with a “viral” publicity stunt.

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