News in 5 Minutes: Iraqi army prepares for final stage of assault on Daesh in western Mosul, Lords begins Brexit Bill debate and #LastnightinSweden


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TODAY’S INSTALMENT (20 February) of the CommonSpace daily news roundup includes: Iraqi army prepares for final stage of assault on Daesh in western Mosul, House of Lords to begin Brexit Bill debate and #LastnightinSweden.

News: Iraqi army prepares for final stage of assault on Daesh in Mosul

Eastern part of city already taken

The Iraqi army is closing in on the Daesh (self-titled Islamic State) forces embedded in the Mosul, their last major stronghold in Iraq. The Iraqi army’s push into the city has gone on for weeks, stalled by roadside bombs and suicide bomb attacks. If Mosul falls the road will be open to Raqqa, Daesh’s impromptu capital.

Unexplored oil and gas reserves may exist in Rockall basin

Scientists at Aberdeen University claim there may be significant unexplored reserves of oil and gas in the Rockall basin of the coast of Scotland.

Politics: House of Lords to begin Brexit Bill debate

Unelected House threatened with closure if it attempts to significantly change legislation

One hundred and ninety-one unelected peers have requested to speak today in the House of Lords debate on legislation that will allow Theresa May to begin the UK’s formal exit from the EU. The two-day debate is expected to see peers challenge elements of the Brexit Bill as it passed in the House of Commons, including the rights of EU national to remain in the UK. Attempts to grant those rights with amendments to the bill in the Commons failed.

Sport: Queen of the South to debate fan’s board seat

Directors oppose move to include fans in management

A bid by fans to gain a seat on the board Queen of the South will be opposed by directors later today as shareholders debate the innovative move.

Culture: Scotch Whisky tips £1bn in sales for first time

Iconic Scots produce export markets grow

Scotch Whisky recorded exports of more than £1bn for the first time ever in 2016. The explosion of new export markets now sees 93 per cent of production for export.

Weather: Warm and cloudy with spots of sun

Temperatures as high as 16 degrees

It will be warm across Scotland today, will rain and cloud cover in the west but sun breaking through in the East of the country. Temperatures will reach a balmy 16 degrees in Aberdeen.

And another thing: #LastnightinSweden



Trump’s reference to event’s “last night in Sweden” leave Swedes baffled

We’ve gotten used to US President Donald Trump elaborating on non-existent terrorist attacks to justify his proposed crackdown on Muslim immigration. But his cryptic references to events “last night in Sweden” at an event in Florida on Saturday (18 February) has citizens of the country baffled and tweeting #LastnightinSweden.

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