News in 5 Minutes: Merkel on ‘open-door’ policy, Swinney reacts to Named Person ruling and a foxy challenge

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TODAY’s INSTALMENT (29 July) of the CommonSpace daily news roundup includes: Angela Merkel on ‘open-door’ policy, Swinney reacts to Named Person ruling, and RSPB wildlife sleepover.

News: Angela Merkel says Germany will stick to ‘open-door’ refugee policy

Merkel has defended Germany’s ‘open-door’ policy on refugees in wake of recent attacks in Europe

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has spoken in defence of Germany’s ‘open-door’ poliy on refugees after recent attacks in Germany and across Europe. “A rejection of the humanitarian stance we took could have led to even worse consequences,” she said. Speaking at a press conference, she stressed that Germany would not let it’s “openness and our willingness to help people in need” be undermined by extremist attacks.

Hillary Clinton says US faces ‘moment of reckoning’ as she accepts Democractic nomination for president

Hillary Clinton spoke of how the US faced a “moment of reckoning” over the upcoming presidential election as she accepted the Democratic Party’s nomination for the presidency. Speaking on the final night of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia she acknowledged that there were challenges ahead as she became the first women to be nominated for presidential candidacy by a majority party in the US.

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski sworn in as President of Peru

Peru has a new president after Pedro Pablo Kuczynski was sworn in during a ceremony in Lima, the country’s capital. The 77-year-old former investment banker used his first speech to call for a “more modern, more just, more equal" Peru. Kuczynski beat Keiko Fujimori in run-off elections by a narrow margin of less than a quarter of a percentage point.

Politics: Swinney defends Named Person scheme in wake of Supreme Court ruling

John Swinney defends scheme after after Supreme Court ruling delays launch of Named Person legislation

Deputy First Minister John Swinney has spoken about the Supreme Court ruling issued on 28 July which has delayed the launch of the proposed Named Person scheme. While the ruling states that the aim of the legislation is “unquestionably legitimate and benign” it does require particular provisions to be removed or changed before the legislation can come into force. Swinney said that as such the ruling makes it clear that the princpiple behind the Named Person scheme “does not breach human rights.”

British and French foreign ministers come together to call for end of siege in Aleppo

British and French foreign ministers Boris Johnson and Jean-Marc Ayrault have left their post-Brexit quarrels behind and come together in Paris, the Guardian reports. In a joint statement after their meeting, the ministers called for “an immediate end” to the Syrian regime’s seige of Aleppo which has trapped 300,000 people.

Angus Robertson MP launches campaign for deputy leadership of the SNP

Angus Robertson MP launched his debute campaign for the SNP with a "radical vision for Scotland" at the Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh on 28 July. He is the leader of the SNP MP’s in Westminster and will be running against Alyn Smith MEP, Tommy Sheppard MP and Councillor Chris McEleny. Read more and watch our interview with Robertson after the event here.

Sport: Celtic’s Jamie Lindsay on loan to Greenock Morton

Celtic midfielder Jamie Lindsay will be on loan to the Greenock side until June 2017

Jamie Lindsay has joined championship side Greenock Morton on loan until June 2017. The 20-year-old Celtic midfielder played for Celtic’s first team during pre-season friendlies and spent last season on loan to Dumbarton FC where he won a Young Player of the Year award.

Culture: Resonate Festival celebrating Scottish gaming launches

Up to 10,000 people expected at Resonate’s first eSports and gaming festival

Glasgow is playing host a celebration of Scottish gaming this weekend as the first ever Resonate eSports and gaming festivals takes place from 29-31 July at the SECC. Events at the festival include a mass Fifa 16 tournament and a retro gaming area.

Weather: Sunshine through my window, that’s what you are

Bright object in sky causes CommonSpace staff to break out the Gabrielle lyrics

We may have forecast clouds for the weekend, but it luckily it looks like the sun has other plans. Hopefully the sunny spells will last into Saturday…

And another thing: Fancy a wildlife sleepover, anyone?

You could spot something foxy if you take part in RSPB’s Big Sleepout

The RSPB is encouraging people all over the country to get involved in it’s fourth annual Big Sleepout this weekend by camping overnight in their gardens and other locations. RSPB Scotland are offering good odds on spotting some wildlife as a recent increase in moths and other insects has led to more sightings of nocturnal animals. Time to look out the sleeping bags then…

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