News in 5 Minutes: Northern Ireland faces possible election as Stormont breaks down, Jeremy Corbyn attacks EU state aid rules, and what Streep vs Trump tells us


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TODAY’S INSTALMENT (13 December) of the CommonSpace daily news roundup includes: election looms as Northern Ireland assembly breaks down, Jeremy Corbyn’s speaks out against EU state aid rules and Donald Trump’s tweeting vs Meryl Streep.

News: Northern Ireland set for election as Stormont breaks down

Election likely after McGuinness stands down

Northern Ireland faces the prospect of a snap election the Stormont assembly after the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Martin McGuinness. The Northern Ireland Sinn Fein leader step down in protest at the so called ‘cash for ash’ scandal, which implicates First Minister Arlene Foster in a renewable energy scheme which was widely abused and is expected to cost the tax payer almost £500m.  Northern Ireland secretary James Brokenshire will pursue talks between the DUP and Sinn Fein in an attempt to avert another election. If he fails an election could be held within seven weeks.

Politics: Jeremy Corbyn calls for curbs of EU state aid rules

Labour leader lays out policy concerning free movement, single market and rules on economic reform

UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for the pairing-back of EU state aid rules in order to allow the UK to develop an industrial strategy. EU regulations place tight restrictions on state intervention in the economy, amongst other things prohibiting certain forms of nationalisation of industry. In a speech Corbyn also laid out general support for the single market and said that he does not support free movement as a point of principle.

Sport: Rugby world debate high tackle sanctions

Concerns over number of concussions may lead to rule changes

Rugby Union Referee Dave Pearson has become the latest high profile advocated of World Rugby rule changes which would see stronger penalties for high tackles which make contact with a player’s head. However figures at clubs including the London Saracens and Ulster have raised concerns it will lead to a sharp increase in the number of penalties against players.

Culture: Grid Iron plans performance at Edinburgh Zoo

Pioneering theatre company plans show at another dynamic venue

The pioneering theatre group, Grid Iron, who have already held performances at Edinburgh Airport, at Dundee’s docks and underground have announced a mysterious new event to take place at Edinburgh Zoo.

Weather: The humidity is back

Highs of 10 degrees as unseasonably warm weather returns

There will be highs of 9 and 10 degrees as unseasonably warm weather returns. It will be rainey and cloudy across the country with some sunshine in the east.

And another thing: Meryl Streep has reminded us all that Donald Trump is still on twitter



Media is fake!

Its just a few days before Donald Trump takes over the Presidency of the most powerful nation on earth and he’s still launching twitter beefs against celebrities. Do his minders take his account off him when he takes up the post? What’s the proceedure? What happens if he starts calling Angela Merkel a “major league looser” and so forth? But then we would raise these concerns, after all, media is fake…



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