News in 5 Minutes: Protesters sentenced in Hong Kong, Labour members drop vote challenge and Nicola Sturgeon declares #MurrayMonday

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TODAY’S INSTALMENT (15 August) of the CommonSpace daily news roundup includes the sentencing of student protesters in Hong Kong, Labour members dropping their leadership vote legal challenge, and Nicola Sturgeon’s heralding of #MurrayMonday.

News: Student leaders who led protests in Hong Kong receive suspended sentences and community service

Three student leaders of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong have been sentenced

Three student leaders of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong who organised mass rallies and sit-ins in 2014 have been sentenced, the BBC reports. Joshua Wong, who was a prominent member of the movement, has been sentenced to 80 hours of community service for unlawful assembly. Nathan Law has been sentenced to 120 hours of community service, and Alex Chow has recieved a three week prison sentence that has been suspended for a year.

Kurdish forces make fresh push to recapture Mosul from Isis

Kurdish forces launched the beginning of a fresh bid to recapture Mosul from Isis early on Sunday (14 August), following concentrated shelling and airstrikes by a US-led coalition against Daesh. Mosul remains the most prominent stronghold of Daesh in Iraq, and is the location from which the group’s leadership declared a “caliphate” in 2014. Kurdish forces have reportedly retaken 11 villages near Gwer, as they join with the Iraqi army in taking up positions surrounding Mosul.

Main opposition party calls for recount in Zambian presidential election

The United Party for National Development (UPND), the main opposition party in Zambia, has alleged fraud and called for a recount of the votes in Thursday’s presidential election. The UPND has withdrawn from the ballot verification process and accuses the Electoral Comission of Zambia of bias towards the Patriotic Front party, whose leader Edgar Lungu is currently president. Electoral officials deny claims of fraud, saying that publication of results has been slow as the counts for five different votes (presidential, parliament, mayors, local councillors and a constituional ammendment) have been taking place simultaneously.

Politics: New Labour party members will not pursue leadership vote case to Supreme Court

Five new Labour party members will not take leadership vote case to the Supreme Court

After a high court ruling that allowed five new Labour party members to vote in the upcoming leadership contest was overturned in the court of appeal, the five have decided not to take their challenge to the Supreme Court. The court of appeal ruled that the Labour Party NEC had the power to determine the criteria which made members elegible to vote in the leadership contest. As a result, around 130,000 new members who joined the Labour party since January will not be allowed to take part in the leadership vote.

FM Nicola Sturgeon to host post-Brexit Q&A with EU nationals

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will hold a Q&A session with EU nationals after a cabinet meeting on Wednesday 17 August. Sturgeon will meet with and answer questions from 450 people from 24 different EU countries. Sturgeon has said: "It is my duty as first minister to speak on behalf of all Scottish citizens, including those who have chosen to come from other parts of the EU and make Scotland their home.”

Sport: Andy Murray wins second gold in Olympic tennis

Murray has successfully defended his Olympic gold medal in men’s singles tennis

Andy Murray has successfully defended his Olympic gold medal in men’s singles tennis, beating Juan Martin del Potro in a four-hour long match that went to four sets. Murray has won his second gold medal after winning his second Wimbledon championship five weeks ago.

Culture: Edinburgh International Book Festival returns to Charlotte Square gardens

Over 750 events will take place at book festival in Edinburgh’s Charlotte Square gardens

The Edinburgh International Book Festival launched on Saturday, adding to the myriad of events taking place in the capital this August. More than 800 authors will take part in over 750 events at the book festival which runs until 29 August.

Weather: Some clouds but a mostly sunny start to the week

Occasional cloudy spells won’t hide the sun for long

It’s sunny start for the week, with sunshine and only occasional cloudy spells forecast for the next few days. Temperatures will be high, so maybe swap the brolly for some suncream.

And another thing: Sturgeon declares #MurrayMonday


FM Nicola Sturgeon didn’t take much convincing to declare today a holiday on Twitter…

Scottish Twitter users have declared today #MurrayMonday after FM Nicola Sturgeon jokingly agreed that a bank holiday was in order after the majority of the nation stayed up late to watch Andy Murray claim his second Olympic gold in men's singles tennis. If you’re reading this in work, you can take comfort in the fact that bank holidays decreed via Twitter don't appear to be legally binding.

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