News in 5 Minutes: Rollercoaster accident operators given £5m fine, Corbyn claims Labour Scotland can be rebuilt, and Trump want’s more stamina


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TODAY’S INSTALMENT (14 September) of the CommonSpace daily news roundup includes Alton Towers opertaors paying out a £5m fine, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s faith in reclaiming Scotland and Trump on stamina.

News: Alton Towers owners fined £5m for rollercoaster accident

Safety failure injured 16 in 2015

Merlin, the company that operates the popular Alton Towers theme park has been fined £5m for the injuries of 16 individuals on one of its rides. Merlin admitted to breaching health and safety law in April this year.

First shipment of US fracked gas arrives in Scotland

Communities effected by fracking in the US plead with Scots not to accept gas

The first shipment of fracked gas from the US has arrived at the Scottish processing plant at Grangemouth. Residents of US towns affected by fracking have called on Scots not to accept the gas.

Politics: Jeremy Corbyn says party can reclaim lost ground in Scotland

Party leader points to recent byelection successes

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that Labour can “win support in Scotland”. Speaking to the BBC Corbyn, who was recently re-elected by his party with 62 per cent of the vote, said: “We won three byelections in Scotland, gained seats, our membership has gone up”. Labour’s share of the vote in Scotland has declined since the opening of the Scottish Parliament, with the party falling into third place in the May Scottish Elections.

SNP conference to debate second independence referendum

2016 conference agenda revealed

The SNP’s 2016 conference agenda will include a debate on a possible second independence referendum, CommonSpace can reveal. The motion calls for a second referendum in the event Scotland’s place in the EU cannot be guaranteed.

Sport: Golfing world mourns loss of Arnold Palmer

Golfer was first professional to make over $1m

Sporting figures have been paying their tributes to golfing legend Arnold Palmer, who brought the sport to a new international prominence. Palmer was the world’s first golfing millionaire, who attracted unprecedented commercial interest to the sport.  

Culture: Glasgow Salon owner to appear on forthcoming Apprentice

Natalie Hughes to appear on business competition  

Glasgow beauty Salon owner Natalie Hughes is to appear on the forthcoming series of The Apprentice. The US version of the show turned Donald Trump into a national figure. So should we be afraid of Alan Sugar?

Weather: Gale force winds tonight



Island communities will bear the brunt

There will be gale force winds tonight across large parts of Scotland, with Scotland’s Island communities in both the West and North particularly hard hit.

And another thing: Does Clinton have Trump’s stamina?

How many times can one man say stamina?

Tune in at 0:23 for a particularly gruff and manly sounding ‘stamina’.

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