News in 5 Minutes: Scotgov’s top lawyer appeals for Holyrood say on Brexit, Angela Merkel calls for burqa ban, and the Brexit bake-off


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TODAY’S INSTALMENT (7 December) of the the CommonSpace daily news roundup includes the Scottish Governments top Lawyer appeals to Supreme Court of Scotland’s Brexit voice, Angela Merkel pitches burqa ban and Theresa May’s multicoloured Brexit cake.

News: Scottish Government’s top Lawyer to demand Holyrood consultation on Brexit

Lord Advocate to intervene in tense Brexit trial

The Scottish Government’s top lawyer is set to demand that Holyrood be consulted on the circumstances of the UK’s exit from the EU. The intervention will come after the UK Government already told the Supreme Court that the issue of UK Government interference in devolved Scottish matters had no impact on Brexit, despite 62 per cent of Scots voting to remain in the EU.

Politics: Angela Merkel calls for burqa ban as European politics continues slide into racist mire

Bank of England chief warns of turn against globalisation

Angela Merkel has said that the veil worn by a small minority of Muslim women should not be tolerated anywhere in Germany, as part of her pitch to run for a third term in office. The German Chancellor also told her CDU party that measures would need to be implemented to avoid another European refugee crisis – signalling a move away from the policy which has seen Germany take around 1 million refugees. Earlier in the week, the Bank of England chief Mark Carney warned of a decade of wage stagnation and challenges to the free trade system that characterises the EU single market.

Sport: John Higgins and Alan McManus to face off in Scottish Open

Scottish Open takes place between 12 and 18 December

John Higgins and Aland McManus will face each other in the Scottish Open snooker championship at the Emirates stadium in Glasgow on 12 December. The match will be the first time the top rated Scottish players have faced each other since McManus triumphed in their world championship contest in April.

Culture: Ken Loach on the hunt for Scottish film star

Search on for Lothians teenager

The film company preparing for the next film from acclaimed director Ken Loach is scouring the Lothians for a teenager. Loach, whose films focus on the experiences of working class people emerged from retirement last year to director I, Daniel Blake, about the deprivations of the UKs benefit system.

Weather: Global warming basically

Ok, I know we aren’t allowed to say that

We aren’t supposed to attribute freak weather events to global warming. Still though, its 17 degrees in parts of Scotland today, and humid all over. In the middle of winter.

And another thing: Great British Brexit off



What’s red, white and blue and covered in icing?

Theresa May’s Brexit proposal. She doesn’t even know if she has the right to trigger Article 50 yet, but she’s standing on a warship in the Gulf telling us what colour it will be.

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