News in 5 Minutes: Scottish police investigators face investigation, UK Government moves quickly to replace EU ambassador, and is the nightmare of 2016 really over?


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TODAY’S INSTALMENT (5 January) of the the CommonSpace daily news roundup includes the police investigators facing investigation, the UK Government’s quick move to close and embarrasing situation, and the lingering dread over 2016.

News: Scottish Police Authority faces investigation

Police investigations body under new scrutiny

The Scottish Police Authority (SPA), the body charged with monitoring Police Scotland, is to come under investigation itself in later this year. HM Inspectorate of Constabulary will launch an investigation in the SPA, which last month had its finances queried by Audit Scotland, later this year.

Politics: UK Government replace EU ambassador amid brexit plan row

UK Government rapidly plug diplomatic gap to halt further embarrassment

The UK Government has moved quickly to replace its ambassador to the EU in a bid to avoid continued tensions with the UK civil service. Sir Ivan Rogers stepped down from the role yesterday, voicing criticisms of the Tory government’s lack of a coherent plan for leaving the EU. He has been replaced by a senior diplomat, Sir Tim Barrow, but critics continue to raise concerns over a lack of strategy and the UK civil services relative lack of experience in organising such large scale negotiated settlements. The UK will have to reach agreement with 27 EU member states alongside the EU’s apparatus.

Sport: Rangers boss given bumper pay as club continues financial struggle

Questioned raised over executive pay in struggling Scottish club

Rangers managing director Stewart Robertson received a bumper payment of £233,000 from the struggling club in the last year, including £53,000 in the form of a bonus. The handsome pay packet, reported in the Herald, was awarded despite the club suffering losses of £3.3m in 2016.

Culture: Author Brian Conaghan wins children’s book award with title inspired by indyref

Author rejected over 200 times for publication wins Costa children’s book award

Scots writer Brian Conaghan has won the Costa children’s book award with ‘The Bombs That Brought Us Together’, a novel inspired by the issues and conflicts generated during the 2014 Scottish independence referendum.

Weather: Keeping it light and crisp but also a little cloudy

A fresh start to 2017

Scotland is in for another chilly, dry and fresh January day. Cloud cover will be heavier in the west. Highland towns like Inverness and Fort William will see the best sunshine.

And another thing: Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the….calendar?

Is the nightmare of 2016 really over?

I know, I know everyone is entirely ready to forget not only 2016 but also the “I hate 2016” patter. But this trailer of the year is pretty well done.

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