News in 5 Minutes: The high price of being poor, Theresa May’s Brexit summit, and the return of Crystal Maze


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TODAY’S (31 August) INSTALMENT of the the CommonSpace daily news roundup includes Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit summit, the high cost of living for Scots poor, and the return of Crystal Maze. 

News: Scotland’s poorest pay more for services

Poorer Scottish citizens pay more for basic consumer goods

A Citizen’s Advice Scotland report has found that Scotland’s poorest citizens pay above average rates on consumer goods and services including energy, financial services and telecoms. One major expenditure for poor Scots is pre-payment electricity meters. Early in August CommonSpace revealed that fuel banks were set to expand across Scotland to help those using the meters.

Leading Daesh figure announced dead

A leading figure of Daesh (also called Islamic State) in Syria has been pronounced dead. The group, which came to power across large tracts of land in Iraq and Syria in 2014 announced that Abu Muhammad al-Adnani was killed in the war-torn Syrian city of Aleppo. Al-Adnani had called in recent months for terrorist attacks in the west.

Politics: Theresa May to hold Brexit summit at Chequers

Government Brexit differences to be thrashed out in closed meeting

Prime Minister Theresa May will today (31 August) hold a summit with key Government ministers at the Chequers mansion. The meeting will be attended by key pro-Brexit figures in the party including David Davis, Boris Johnson and Liam Fox, who were given important Brexit related briefs by May when she came to office in July, and is expected to thrash-out differences between members of the government over how to approach the UK’s exit from the EU. It’s good to know we’ll be privy to these important conversations, eh?

Donald Trump to meet with Mexican President

US presidential hopeful Donald Trump is set to visit Mexico tomorrow (Wednesday US) before a speech on immigration. The business tycoon will meet Mexican President Pena Nieto despite being widely criticised in the country for his campaign claims that Mexicans who emigrate to the US are mainly criminals.

Sport: Transfer deadline day for Scottish football

Scottish football clubs bid for top players

Today (31 August) is the deadline day for transfers in Scottish football. The day traditionally sees top players bought and sold by clubs for inflated sums, even though the Scottish game is experiencing a squeeze on funds.

Culture: Scots Actress Karen Gillan to star in Jumanji

Popular children’s film set to return with sequel

The Scots actress Karen Gillan has secured a lead role in the forthcoming sequel to the 1990’s film Jumanji, which featured a magical board game that unleashed a fantasy jungle world.

Weather: Cloud and rain

It’ll be cloudy and rainy intermittently over the next few days. Here’s hoping for those late summer sunny days.

And another thing: Crystal Maze returns

The Crystal Maze is back, but can David Tennant match up to Richard O’Brien?

The popular television game show my be coming back for a one-off special, but can it ever be as good as the original? One cheeky tweeter (above) was sceptical.

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