News in 5 Minutes: The million public sector jobs lost, Alex Neil’s real reasons for voting Brexit and the project fear video too scary for broadcast


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TODAY’S INSTALMENT (23 November) of the the CommonSpace daily news roundup includes the loss of one million public sector jobs, Alex Neil speaks out on his reasons for voting for Brexit, and the Better Together video too doom laden to be broadcast.

News: One million lost public sector jobs lost from austerity

Scale of cuts revealed as Chancellor sets out his autumn statement

One million public sector jobs have been lost to austerity measures since the Conservatives came to power in a coalition with the Liberal Democrats in 2010. Chancellor Philip Hammond will reduce expectations for the UK economy in his autumn statement, as austerity has not been successful in substantially reducing the UK debt or deficit.

Politics: Former SNP minister speaks out on his reasons for voting for Brexit

Austerity, lack of provision for protection of national interests and treatment of Portugal and Greece were among Alex Neil’s reasons for his secret brexit vote

Former Scottish Government minister has laid out in detail for the first time his reasons for secretly voting leave in the UK’s referendum on EU membership in June. In an interview for Newsnet Scotland, the former minister said he had become steadily disaffected with the EU over years.

Scottish alt-right speaker at US neo-nazi rally

A Scottish ‘alt-right’ video blogger spoke at a far-right, racist pro-Trump rally in the US, it has been revealed by A Thousand Flowers. There has been international condemnation of a rally of around two hundred young white nationalists in the US on Saturday (19 November) which saw fascist speeches and nazi salutes in the wake of the victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential elections. The Edinburgh based vlogger, who posts under the name ‘Millennial Woes’, spoke after event host Richard Spencer, who called for a racial struggle for a white US, and ended his speech by shouting “Hail Trump”.

Sport: Andy Murray indicates he believes he is too young for knighthood

Scottish Tennis star riding at career high

Scottish Tennis star Andy Murray has said he thinks he is too young for a knighthood after becoming world number one in November. Murray accepted an OBE in 2012 after winning the US Open.

Culture: Scottish literature summit begins in Edinburgh

Event to discuss future of Scottish literature as part of Book Week Scotland

A Scottish literature summit has been launched by Dr Alasdair Allan MSP, Scotland’s minister for international development and Europe, at the storytelling centre in Edinburgh. The event, part of Book Week Scotland, will discuss how Scottish writing can be better promoted.

Weather: Bright and chilly

Sunny for the most part but icy cold

Temperatures fell below freezing overnight, but have at least recovered with some sunshine across central and lowland Scotland. Clouds persist in the North.

And another thing: Will Scotland be dismembered with a chainsaw?

Project fear turned up to 11 in secret Better Together broadcast

Buzzfeed have revealed a secret better together video which was pulled from broadcast a week before the Scottish independence referendum. It feature Scotland’s bonds with the rest of the UK being shredded by chainsaws and the like.

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