News in 5 Minutes: The tumbling value of the pound, calls for protests at the Russian embassy and the Ed Balls bargain


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TODAY’S (6 July) INSTALMENT of the the CommonSpace daily news roundup includes the tumbling value of the pound. calls for protests at the Russian embassy and the Ed Balls bargain.

News: Pound continues to slide amid Brexit uncertainty

Weakened pound drives FTSE share price rise

The pound has continued to weaken today in the wake of uncertainty over the form that the UK’s exit from the EU may take. The pound sterling fell to $1.223 by late afternoon today (11 October), driving up the value of shares in UK companies, as a weakened pound makes overseas earnings more valuable. The short run benefits of the weakened currency are offset by the strategic weakness represented by the falling value of the currency. The devaluation is being stoked by fears over the form of the UK’s economic relationship with the EU after Prime Minister Theresa May indicated a ‘harder’ form of Brexit, which would sever more economic and social ties, at the Conservative party conference in Birmingham.

Politics: MPs call for military measures to prevent further Russian bombing in Syria

Calls to enforce a no fly zone in Syria

MPs have called for military measures to prevent Russian bombing in Syria. Former Conservative minister Andrew Mitchell MP instigated an emergency debate in the House of Commons, which saw foreign minister Boris Johnson called for protests at the Russian embasy. On Saturday at a national conference held by the Stop the War coalition, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn spoke against any military intervention in the war torn country.

Sport: Scotland under pressure ahead of Slovakia qualifying match

Draw in Lithuania leaves Scotland in difficult spot for Euro 2016

Scotland face a crunch match in the Stadion Antona Malatinskeho tonight, after a disappointing draw against Lithuania on Saturday (15 October). However Slovakia, the presumptive second seeds in Scotland’s group f have also underperformed.

Culture: Oil industry play adjacent rigs Tay rigs opens

‘Crude’ explores Scotland’s complex relationship with fossil fuels

An new play exploring Scotland’s troubled relationship with north sea oil has opened in the Port of Dundee close to three exploration rigs in the River Tay. The play, ‘Crude’ looks at the lives of oil workers, and is based on dozens of interview with offshore workers.

Weather: Cloudy but mainly dry

Some sun in the North and West

A very mixed picture across Scotland today with a good deal of cloud, but rain mainly restricted to east and central areas. Some sun will break through in the north and west.

And another thing: Ed Balls, a bargain at 15p

One time key British economic thinker to continue dance of humiliation by public demand

The man who was once the close advisor of Gordon Brown and a former shadow chancellor himself is continuing his ritual humiliation by dance. Take it as a sign of the times, or just take it as a bloke dancing, dressed up as a film character everyone and their mums had forgotten about.

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