News in 5 Minutes: Thousands flee Mosul ahead of battle, thousands call on Scottish Government to ditch Abellio, and Donald Trump’s Tiny handwriting


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TODAY’S INSTALMENT (19 October) of the CommonSpace daily news roundup includes the battle for Mosul, thousands call on Abellio to be stripped of Scotrail contracts, and Donald Trumps tiny handwriting.

News: Thousands flee Mosul ahead of Battle

Battle for Northern Iraqi city expected to see Daesh driven out of the country

More than 5000 refugees have fled to Syria as Iraqi forces close in on the  Northern Iraqi city of Mosul, the last stronghold of Daesh (so called Islamic State) in the country. Over 50,000 Iraqi and Kurdish troops are expected to begin their assault on the city proper in coming days, having already reclaimed dozens of surrounding towns and villages over the last 48 hours. They will face around 5,000 Daesh fighters, who are dug-in to defensive positons in Iraq’s second largest city. Anywhere between 750,000 and 1.5 million civilians are thought to be trapped in the firing line.

Politics: Scottish Government called on to strip Abellio of its Scotrail contract

Petitioners meet with Humza Yousaf to deliver 20,000 strong petition

Petitioners calling for Abellio to be stripped of their control of Scotland’s railways have met with Scottish Government transport minister Humza Yousaf. Campaigners from 38 degrees presented Yousaf with a petition with 20,000 signatories calling for the Dutch company to lose their contract to run Scotrail. The company has been involved in a months-long dispute with its workforce over train safety.

Sport: Labour MSP James Kelly Welcomes Celtic living wage decision

New £8.25 per hour pay to be implemented at the club

Campaigning Labour MSP James Kelly has congratulated Cletic supporters groups for pushing for the implementation of an £8.25 living wage at the club. The new wage will be implemented retrospectively from 1 July 2016.

Culture: Ken Loach to receive Scottish Bafta for outstanding achievements

Renowned film maker has recently released final film on barriers faced by benefit claimants

Renowned film maker Ken Loach is set for a Scottish Bafta outstanding achievement award. The director, who came out of retirement to make on final film looking at the daily struggles of people who face welfare payment sanctions has made a number of films examinig Scottish working class life.

Weather: Winter is upon us

Severe dip in temperature

There is a new frostiness to the Glasgow air, and across Scotland, as the first chills if winter hit us. Ach well, there’s always next year.

And another thing: All future CommonSpace articles to be written by Trumps Tiny Hand

The Donald’s hand writing captured for new font

Buzzfeed have created a new font, modelled on Donald Trump’s own hand writing. Look forward to reading future CommonSpace articles in aggressive scrawl.

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