News in 5 Minutes: Trump warns of world war 3, SNP back Heathrow expansion and the Pete Burns you never knew


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News: Trump warns of WW3 in event of a Clinton victory

That’s not desperate at all

The Republican nominee for President of the US Donald Trump has warned that if his Democratic rival Hilary Clinton wins the US election in two weeks’ time she will start world war three. The eccentric billionaire tycoon has shocked the leadership of his own party with increasingly extravagant claims in recent months, as he continues to fall behind in polls. Trump has also indicated he will refuse to accept the result of the election if he loses.

Politics: Scottish Government welcomes Heathrow expansion

Environmentalists warn over impact of increased air traffic

The Scottish Government has welcomed the UK Government’s decision to expand Heathrow airport. The backing comes despite the concerns of local Heathrow residents and environmental groups, concerned over the climate impact of expanding air traffic into the UK.

Sport: 82% of football fans would be comfortable with their club signing gay player


Radio 5 Live poll finds large majority of football fans have no issue with gay players

A poll by Radio 5 Live has found that 82 per cent of football fans would have no issue with their team signing gay players. A survey commissioned by the Afternoon Edition show, carried out by ComRes found that 71 per cent of fans felt that more could be done to educate football supporters about homophobia. 8 per cent of the 4000 polled said they would stop supporting their club if it signed a gay player.

Culture: New Scottish literary canon

Authors to explore future of Scottish fiction

Celebrated Scottish authors will discuss the future of Scottish literature at an event in Glasgow on Thursday. Authors Kirsten Innes and Kirsty Logan will host a talk on the future of Scottish fiction at Waterstones in Glasgow’s Argyll street.

Weather: Windy and warm

There will be spots of rain across Scotland amidst the windy and reasonably warm weather over the next couple of days. Temperatures will reach as high as 15 degrees in southern Scotland.

And another thing: Pete Burns as you never knew him


People remember pop stars surley youth


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