News in 5 Minutes: US threatens Russia over ‘hacking’ claims and the Scottish Government and opposition clash over council funding


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TODAY’S INSTALMENT (5 September) of the CommonSpace daily news roundup includes Barack Obama’s threats of action over Russian ‘hacking’ and the Scottish Government clashes with opposition parties over local authority funding. 

News: US threatens sanctions on Russia in ‘hacking’ row

President Barack Obama has pledged “action” over alleged email breaches

Outgoing US President Barack Obama has said there will be action against Russia over allegations that the country’s intelligence agencies hacked Democratic party emails in order to interfere with the US election. President Elect Donald Trump has dismissed claims that Russia influenced the result of the election.

Politics: Parliamentary bunfight commences over council funding

Scottish Government and opposition parties clash over local authority funds

The Scottish Government has defended its claim that it is giving £240m in extra funding to local services after opposition parties attacked yesterday’s budget. The Scottish Conservatives have claimed that Scotland is now the most taxed part of the UK, and yet is also seeing cuts to local authorities. Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale said that finance secretary Derek MacKay “acted like a Tory chancellor” in making cuts to local authorities core funding that she said would amount to £327m.

Sport: John Higgins to face Ronnie O’Sullivan in Scottish Open

Former world champions go head to head

John Higgins and Ronnie O’Sullivan have gone head to head in the quarter final of the Scottish Open. The former world champions face each other from noon at the Emirates stadium in Glasgow.

Culture: Edinburgh Festival organisers warn of need for more venues

Organisers warn of future struggles to maintain festival’s premier status

Edinburgh Festival  organisers have warned of the need to upgrade Edinburgh as a host city if it is to continue to cater for the world’s leading cultural festival.

Weather: Mild and moody weather continues

Highs of 10 degrees

The weather across Scotland will remain cloudy and mild with highs of 9 and 10 degrees in the North of the country.

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