Newsnet Scotland: Bistophobia strikes fear at the hearts of soon-to-be ex-MPs


Citizen Cuddis goes behind the scenes at the Collider

BOFFINS at the Heedrum Hodrum Collider’s Institute of Political Psychiatry have come up with an explanation for the sub-prime hysteria unfolding along the cloisters of Westminster like a Mexican wave at a Cowdenbeath away game.

The Institute’s Professor Klaus Vier told reporters earlier today:

“We’re calling it Bisto-phobia–a fear of being slung off the gravy train and tumbling arse over tit down the embankment of electoral doom into the jabby nettles of political oblivion.”

One tell-tale symptom of the condition appears to be the sudden high frequency oscillation of the sufferer’s rectal sphincter.

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Picture courtesy of Bisto