Newsnet TV: Salmond: Labour’s paying the price missing the trick on Devo Max


Newsnet Scotland interviews former First Minister Alex Salmond

ALEX SALMOND believes Labour and Tories made massive mistakes by ignoring the “Devo Max” referendum option when it was being negotiated with his SNP Government in Scotland in 2012.

The former first minister is convinced Labour “missed a trick” by refusing the opportunity for a “second question” on the referendum ballot for Scots to choose Devo Max, or “home rule”, rather than only a choice between independence and the status quo.

He says the Prime Minister David Cameron turned down the option simply because his advisers said the independence vote would be less than 30 per cent of the electorate, and that therefore there was a chance to effectively wipe out the SNP and wreck the independence argument with a massive No vote.

In an exclusive interview with’s Newsnet TV, Salmond believes SNP success in the UK general election will do progressive politics across Britain “a great deal of good” as well as furthering Scottish interests.

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Picture courtesy of Newsnet TV