No voters changing their minds to support independence after UK votes to leave EU


Shift online raises prospect of move towards independence referendum 

VOTERS WHO OPPOSED Scottish independence less than two years ago have reversed their opinion in shock following the vote of the UK to leave the European Union.

Scotland voted strongly in favour of continuing membership within the EU – but saw its result overturned by a vote to Leave in the rest of the UK.

As a result, No voters took to Twitter and Facebook to say they had changed their mind on whether Scotland should take control of its own decisions. 

One of the most emotional was lawyer Katy Melvin who said: “I would have laid down my life for the Union yesterday. Joined SNP an hour ago.”

One of the most remarkable changes in tone was from author J. K. Rowling, who bankrolled the campaign against independence with £1m. She said the vote to leave the EU would lead to Scottish independence, and that No voters would now be reconsidering their opposition.

Many others agreed. 

Others reported friends contacting them to say they had changed their mind to support independence.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said that moves are now underway towards holding a referendum on independence. 

Picture courtesy of Kyoshi Masamune

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