Oasis in ‘Let There Be Love’ tribute to Manchester


Calls for unity and solidarity in wake of Manchester attack 

TRIBUTES, ACTS OF SOLIDARITY, AND CALLS FOR UNITY have poured in following a tragic attack in Manchester that has left at least 22 people dead. 

The suspected suicide bombing, carried out late last night [Monday 22 May] took place near the Manchester Arena where people were attending a live gig. 

The Facebook page of Oasis, a rock band synonymous with the city, posted its song ‘Let There Be love’ to its over nine million followers in a tribute to those that had lost loved ones. 

Elsewhere political leaders and faith groups called for unity and solidarity in the face of extremists wishing to use the tragedy to sew division and hate. 

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham said: “I want to thank the people of Manchester. Even in the minute after the attack, they opened their doors to strangers and drove them away from danger.

“They gave the best possible immediate response to those who seek to divide us and it will be that spirit of Manchester that will prevail and hold us together.”

“Our best response now, as always, is to stand firm with determination and in solidarity.” Nicola Sturgeon 

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon added: “Terrorists and extremists seek to divide us and destroy our way of life. As human beings we struggle to comprehend twisted motivations that lead people to carry out such atrocities – particularly when they target children and young people in such a callous way. 

“But our best response now, as always, is to stand firm with determination and in solidarity.”

The aftermath of the attack saw those nearby interveneing to help victims, people opening their homes, taxi drivers offering free lifts, hotel providing places of rest, and a gigantic response from the emergency services.

The Church of Scotland, from its general assembly in Edinburgh, offered “prayer and deepest concern to all who have been caught up” in the attack.

The Muslim Council of Scotland added: “We are hearing of numerous stories of courage and generosity; in defiance of the attackers. By coming together in solidarity in the face of adversity, we send a strong message that they will not win and we will not be divided.”

Picture courtesy of Anirudh Koul

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