A major study, the first of its kind, has been published by the League Against Cruel Sports Scotland for the Revive coalition for grouse moor reform, showing the extent of mass animal killings on Scotland’s grouse moors. The results are shocking. Calculating Cruelty shows that between 120,000 and up to around quarter of a million foxes, stoats, […]

Max Wiszniewski: Now we know the true extent of mass animal killings on grouse moors

“Given the choice between being ‘credible’ and being fair, a choice was made that strengthened inequality and erected roadblocks to social mobility for the poorest and most disadvantaged. In a just world, it would be the SQA and the Scottish Government that bore the consequences of that decision. In this one, that price will be paid by the nation’s youth”

Sean Bell: Burn down the SQA