Our Generation’s Lewis Baird: Scotland risks loss of talent if graduate programmes don’t improve


Writing for Our Generation, 22-year-old Lewis Baird highlights the lack of opportunity in graduate programmes in Scotland, and warns there is a risk that young Scots will be forced to look elsewhere in the UK.

He writes: “There is something I keep noticing; all programmes I am applying for are based in the power and talent vacuum of Britain: London.

“It is not that I want to live the London dream and earn a comfortable amount of money (which would be nice). It’s that, as a result of the lack of graduate programme opportunities based here in Scotland, my degree has little standing in my home country and provides very limited directions I can explore. As such, London offers something Scotland can’t right now: choice.”

To read Lewis Baird’s full article, visit the Our Generation website.

Picture courtesy of Bensonk42