Patrick Harvie: Scottish government and local councils should set up energy firm to combat big business


The answer to the energy problem is a fresh approach, says Harvie

THE Scottish government and local councils should team up together to establish a publicly-owned energy company in order to combat big business energy suppliers, writes leader of the Scottish Green Party Patrick Harvie.

In a column for the Daily Record, Harvie argues that the long term solution to the problem of high energy bills from private suppliers is a “fresh approach to energy”.

“What’s missing from all this is a fresh approach to the ownership of our energy,” he writes. “Many other European countries still have a big energy company owned by the public, generating not just energy, but revenue for the public purse.

“Scotland could start building its own too, if the Scottish government and local councils worked together on it.”

He concludes: “Public and community ownership of energy generation would let us put energy profits to good use, really scaling up our investment in warm, efficient homes and finally getting to grips with out high demand for energy, and the high bills we pay as a result.”

You can read Harvie’s full column here in the Daily Record.