Pavilion theatre plead for help after ‘devastating’ Glasgow fire

Alasdair Clark

Shows could be canceled at Glasgow’s Pavilion theatre for two months

A DEVASTATING FIRE which ravaged part of Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow last week is set to affect the area for months, prompting pleas for help from Glasgow Pavilion, which has been told it will not get access for around two months. 

At its peak, more than 120 firefighters were required to fight the blaze last Thursday (22 March), and the area surrounding it remains closed off after building experts deemed the affected buildings unsafe. 

Those buildings at the centre of the fire are set to be demolished.

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Glasgow Pavilion, a treasured theatre venue in the city which opened in 1904, issued a plea for help from senior council officials and the Scottish Government after they were told the theatre would not be accessible for “around two months”. 

Iain Gordon, general manager at the Pavilion posted online: “This is indeed the saddest day we have had since the flood in 1992. After waiting to hear all day, we have just been advised by Glasgow City Council building control that we will be denied access to the theatre for around two months. 

“After which, we will then be allowed in to ascertain the damage caused by the fire. Only then will we be able to carry out any works required.”

Theatre managers have not been able to access the building since the fire to assess the damage or plan repairs. 

Mr Gordon added: “We will issue a further update regarding the shows tomorrow in more detail as we have a lot to think about just now, either moving shows to other venues or rescheduling these to later in the year.

“Glaswegians are known for their teamwork. If you need people to come in and wash walls, vacuum floors or make the tea, just shout.” Jan Margetts, Local resident

“We hope you can bear with us on this as it has taken us by surprise and intend to seek the help of senior personnel in the council and perhaps the Scottish Government as surely there are ways around this.”

Commenting online, one Pavilion customer offered help to the theatre with the recovery process: “Sad news. As previously stated, Glaswegians are known for their teamwork. If you need people to come in and wash walls, vacuum floors or make the tea, just shout.”

An exclusion zone remains around the area affected by the fire, with diversions for traffic and pedestrians expected to remain in place until the demolition operation is completed and the area is made safe. 

The council spokesperson confirmed they remained in contact with all affected business owners: “An exclusion zone has been erected around the site of the dangerous buildings which will be demolished as they cannot be saved.

“Roads and pathways around the site will be closed for a considerable time – a likely estimate is two months for some of them – to allow demolition, and more detailed information will be made available as soon as possible throughout the process.

“We have met with the owners of buildings affected by the fire and will maintain this dialogue over the period.”

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