Pictures: #GlasgowsShame signs appear across city in outcry against homelessness


Campaign continues after death of Glasgow man

SIGNS decrying homelessness as Glasgow’s shame have appeared across the city this morning as a campaign against rough-sleeping in the city continues to pick-up pace.

Signs have been photographed by Glaswegians at the city chambers, Glasgow green, near Charing Cross, on bridges across the Clyde and near Govan Hill in the south side as well as numerous other sites.

Speaking to CommonSpace, a spokesperson for the campaign Homelessness Shames Glasgow said: “This is just another small step in the campaign to really ramp up pressure on the council to do more. With the closure of the winter night shelter last Friday there is 40 odd less beds in the city if you could call them that. It is increasingly being left to the great people of the city to go out their way to look after our friends on the street.

“We call on everyone in Glasgow to make their own signs and get them out there. Take pictures of every single one of them you see and tweet them directly to Glasgow CC using the hashtag #GlasgowsShame.

“Speak to your councillors and quiz every one of your candidates on the issue. This is still only the beginning as long as Glasgow City Council neglects their duty to the people of Glasgow, the people of Glasgow will take continue to take ownership of our streets for the benefit of the people who really do make Glasgow.”

Twenty eight year old father of two Mathew Bloomer, who had been homeless for four years after suffering mental illness and alcoholism, was found dead in March in a shop doorway in Glasgow city centre.

Glasgow based activists have launched a campaign demanding the housing of all who are currently sleeping on the street, including if that means opening up Glasgow’s many abandoned buildings.

A Glasgow City Council (GCC) spokesperson said: “Our city centre street team works on a daily basis with the small number of people who sleep rough on any given night to get them into support services.

“The reasons for homelessness can be complex and moving on from a chaotic lifestyle can be very difficult, particularly if offers of support are declined.

“On any given night around 2000 people affected by homelessness are accommodated by the council.

“We have also recently opened two thirty-bedded, emergency accommodation units at a cost of £12m to go alongside existing emergency accommodation, various forms of supported accommodation and around 1500 temporary furnished flats.

“We will continue to work closely with the housing associations and the third sector to deliver innovative, tailored support for individuals and families affected by homelessness. This includes various initiatives which see the most chaotic and complex individuals being supported in their own tenancies.

“Overall the number of people presenting as homeless in Glasgow has been in steady, long-term decline. The Housing Options approach is making a significant contribution to the effort to divert people away from homelessness.

“Our aim is always to see people return to mainstream housing as quickly as possible.”

Picture courtesy of Facebook

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