PMQs: May accused of failing to “keep her word” to Scotland over “united” brexit

Nathanael Williams

SNP MPs launch attack on UK prime minister for failing to provide a UK wide Brexit approach

UK PRIME MINISTER Theresa May came under attack during prime minister’s questions (PMQs) today (8 February), for not fulfilling her promise that any exit from the EU would be conducted under a “UK approach”.

During a heated Commons session, the SNP’s Westminster leader Angus Robertson questioned why the vote against a hard Brexit by Holyrood yesterday (Tuesday 7 February) had not been taken into consideration by the UK Government.

The UK Government has made pledges to “strengthen the union” by including the devolved administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in Brexit negotiations and decisions. However, last month the UK Supreme Court judged that devolved administrations would have no power over Westminster brexit plans.

“A lot of people in Scotland watch PMQs. Will she tell those viewers in Scotland whether she intends to keep her word to Scotland or not?” Angus Robertson

Robertson who pointed to the PM’s previous promise not to trigger Article 50 “until she had an agreed UK-wide approach” said: “Last night parliamentarians from across the Chamber and across the parties voted overwhelmingly against the UK government’s Brexit plans in the Scottish Parliament.

“When she was in Edinburgh on 15 July last year, the Prime Minister pledged that she would not trigger article 50 until she had an agreed UK-wide approach.

“A lot of people in Scotland watch PMQs. Will she tell those viewers in Scotland whether she intends to keep her word to Scotland or not?

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“Given that the Scottish Parliament has voted overwhelmingly against her approach and all but one MP representing a Scottish constituency in the House of Commons voted against her approach, she does not have an agreed ‘UK-wide approach’.

“The Prime Minister has been unable to tell people in Scotland today whether she intends to keep her word.”

Responding tp Robertson May said: “The Supreme Court was very clear that the Scottish Parliament does not have a veto on triggering Article 50.”

She also made the assertion that an independent Scotland would not be allowed into the European Union. The UK Government has insisted that the Scottish Government has been fully consulted through the Joint Ministerial Committee (JMC) meetings.

May stated that more meetings would be scheduled between both governments to find common ground in the months to come.

Picture courtesy of Parliament TV

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