Podcast: Catalonia Reborn, with co-author Chris Bambery

Ben Wray

Catalonia Reborn, by Chris Bambery and George Kerevan, was published in May, and is available at Luath Press

COMMONSPACE editor Ben Wray spoke to Chris Bambery, co-author of newly released ‘Catalonia Reborn – How Catalonia took on the corrupt Spanish State and the Legacy of Franco’ with George Kerevan.

Wray and Bambery have an in-depth discussion about all things Catalan politics, including:

– Why were the leadership of the independence movement seemingly not prepared when establishing a Catalan Republic after the 1 October 2017 referendum and how does this compare with previous attempts to establish new state’s, such as in Ireland?

– The relationship between the left and the independence movement in Catalonia.

– The authoritarian character of Spanish nationalism at the top of the Spanish state and its attitude towards Catalonia and the Basque Country

– The motivating factors behind Catalan and Scottish independence movements and the similarities and differences between them.

– What can be learned from the Catalan independence movement, and what could the Catalans learn from its Scottish equivalent.

– What’s the future of Catalan and Spanish politics after the repression of the referendum and implementation of direct rule from Madrid

Catalonia Reborn can be purchased at the Luath Press website.

Picture courtesy of George Kerevan