Podcast: Do Shooting Estates benefit Scotland’s economy and what’s the alternative?

Ben Wray

Is there alternatives to grouse moors which are better for jobs and the economy?

COMMONSPACE editor Ben Wray speaks to Craig Dalzell, head of policy & research at the Common Weal think-tank, about their new report with research & design collective Lateral North, ‘Back to Life: Visions of Alternative Futures for Scotland’s Grouse Moors’.

The report challenges the case made by the landed gentry lobby that grouse moors are economically beneficial to Scotland’s economy, instead contrasting the gross value added and jobs created in grouse moors to other land uses such as forestry, renewables agriculture, housing and sustainable tourism.

Wray and Dalzell discuss:

– How much of Scotland is taken up by Grouse Moors?

– Are the economic alternatives to shooting estates really viable?

– How can land use and ownership be challenged to make it work for the common good?

To find out more about the report, click here.

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