Podcast: Fighting for housing rights in Ireland

Ben Wray

Dublin has the most severe housing crisis in Europe

COMMONSPACE editor Ben Wray spoke to North Dublin Bay Community Crisis housing activist Aisling Heddermann about the housing crisis in Dublin and Ireland and how the housing movement there is trying to fight for housing rights. Dublin has the least affordable housing of any city in Europe, with rents over 50 per cent of income. Ben and Aisling discussed:

0.50: The nature of the housing and homelessness crisis in Dublin and Ireland, and why it is so severe.

7:30: Why has Irish housing policy remained focused on subsidising private developers, despite the depths of the housing crisis?

12:10: How the housing movement in Dublin got started, and how the movement fights for housing as a human right.

20:50: What form of rent controls does Ireland have, and what kind of rent controls does it need?

25:00: The role of women in the housing movement in Ireland.

26:35: What’s the future for the housing movement internationally?

Picture courtesy of Alan Stanton

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