Podcast: How would community level democracy work?

Ben Wray

New report proposes a system of local democracy whereby the “size and shape of each new democratic area should be defined by communities themselves through a participatory process”

COMMONSPACE editor Ben Wray speaks to Common Weal head of policy & research Dr Craig Dalzell about the think-tank’s new paper on restructuring local democracy titled ‘Development Councils – A Proposal For A New System Of Local Democracy In Scotland’.

Issues discussed include:

– Why should we care about local democracy?

– Could a volunteer based system of community level democracy be skewed towards older, higher income demographics?

– How would community level democracy based on an ‘as and when’ system of responsibilities work with local councils?

– How does this proposal compare to systems of community level democracy in Europe?

To read the full report click here.

Picture courtesy of NCDotCommunications

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