Podcast: Interview with Darren McGarvey – Men, masculinity and mental health

Ben Wray

As part of CommonSpace’s week of coverage on the modern mental health crisis, we spoke to Darren ‘Loki’ McGarvey about men, masculinity and mental ill-health

WHAT are the causes and consequnces of the mental health crisis among men?

CommonSpace reporter David Jamieson discusses some of the issues with Orwell Prize winning writer and Scottish rapper Darren ‘Loki’ McGarvey.

This podcast should be listened to alongside the main feature article.

In the podcast, McGarvey discusses:

– 1:24 What’s wrong with some mainstream attempts to deal with the issue of men’s mental health?

– 6:37 What are the limitations in understanding men’s mental health from the point of view of a psychological as opposed sociological standpoint?

– 15:03 Is men establishing their own moral hierarchy an appropriate response to the destructive impact of some masculine behaviour on society?

– 19:55 Does Scottish society host a serious conversation about male suicide.

If you are going through mental health issues of your own and want to talk to someone, Mind offers this guide to helplines and mental health listening services.

Picture: Steven Reynolds

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