Podcast: Is Scotland ready for the fourth industrial revolution?

Ben Wray

Everyone is agreed the fourth industrial revolution will fundamentally change society and the economy – but how can Scotland adapt to it?

COMMONSPACE editor Ben Wray speaks to technology writer and engineer Craig Berry about his new report for Common Weal on automation, Disruptive Technologies: The Impact on Workers in Scotland.

The report proposes a new investment-led model for the Scottish economy so that workers gain from the fourth industrial revolution and the risk of mass unemployment is averted. 

Questions discussed in the podcast include: 

  • What is the fourth industrial revolution and what stage is it at?
  • What’s the difference between the technological revolution we are entering and ones in the past?
  • What changes do we need to make to Scotland’s economic model to be prepared for the fourth industrial revolution?
  • Does the Growth Commission report on the economics of independence prepare an independent Scotland for automation?
  • Is the Universal Basic Income, a Job Guarantee Scheme, or both, the best approach to social security in the age of automation?
  • How does education have to change so that Scottish workers have the skills for the fourth industrial revolution?

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Picture courtesy of Dustyn Roberts

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